Why ekobikes

Our eko-friendly electric mopeds, electric bikes and electric scooters emit zero C02 emissions, making road tax completely free along with helping you to do your part for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Your electric moped, electric bike and electric scooter is exempt from congestion charges due to its zero C02 emissions, making it perfect for travelling in major cities such as London. Just another saving your ekobike could make.

Your  electric moped, electric bike and electric scooter is 100% road legal, and is similar to a 50cc moped. You can just twist the throttle and on you go, without the excessive noise and smell of petrol to worry about.

With our super efficient deliveries you could receive your ekobike in a matter of days, and if your bike appears out of stock, we can simply order it in.

Recharging your ekobike is very easy and simple. Just plug your electric moped, electric bike or electric scooter into a normal plug socket at home or in the garage, or in one of the ever growing charging point that can now be found in car parks and shopping centres.

The tax on your ekobike is also free, and the electric moped, electric bike and electric scooter can travel about 5 miles for approximately 1p. There is no more stopping at petrol garages and paying extortionate prices for fuel.

With no moving engine parts, there is very little to go wrong on your electric moped, electric bike or electric scooter. Making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills a thing of the past.

With our secure multi-option checkout you are safe when purchasing your ekobike. Using our Pay Pal and Google Checkout it is as easy as one, two, three and your bike is on its way.

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