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The Eko Bikes Story

Eko Bikes is building to be the one stop resource centre for all electric bikes, mopeds and motorbikes available in the UK. Here you can view the available bikes and easily compare all the specifications and prices.

You can also link to the various websites of the suppliers where you can test ride or purchase the machines or you can shop directly here.

Glide smoothly and silently over the the road on your electric vehicle knowing you are contributing to the quality of the air we all breathe.

Electricity is the future and below we give you some important reasons why you should embrace this exciting new revolution in personal transportation.

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Why buy an Electric Bike, Moped or Motorbike?

Eco Friendly

Your electric bike, moped or motorbike is eco friendly and emits zero C02 emissions. Road tax is completely free and you are helping to do your part for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Easy Charging

Recharging electric bikes mopeds and motorbikes is very easy and simple. Just plug your bike into a normal plug socket at home or in the garage, or in one of the ever-growing charging points that can now be found in car parks and shopping centres nationwide.

No Tax/Congestion Charge

Electric mopeds and motorbikes are exempt from road tax and congestion charges due to its zero C02 emissions, making it perfect for travelling in major cities such as London. Just another saving your electric moped could make.

Cheap to Run

All types of electric bikes can travel about 5 miles for approximately 1p. There is no more stopping at petrol stations and paying high and increasing prices for fuel anymore!

Road Legal

Electric mopeds are road legal and can be driven on a full driving licence issued before 2001 or after Compulsory Basic Training and are equivalent to a petrol 50cc moped. You can just twist the throttle and on you go, without the excessive noise and smell of petrol to worry about.

Low Maintenance

With no moving engine parts, there is very little to go wrong on your electric bike, moped or scooter. Making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills will be a thing of the past.

Delivered & Assembled

Many suppliers hold bikes in stock and you could receive your electric moped in just a few days. Suppliers often deliver their bikes boxed or crated but there may be an option for full assembly.

Secure Online Checkout

Electric bikes mopeds and motorbikes available from the shop on this site can be ordered online using any debit or credit card and carry a two year warranty. Bikes ordered from partner sites will be subject to their own Terms and Conditions.