Electric Bikes Are Helping Our Environment

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Electric Bikes Are Helping Our Environment

Global warming is a serious issue that we all face. It’s affecting the environment all around us, around the globe and we’re now at a point where we have to take note and listen. Every action we take has a consequence and burning fossil fuels simply isn’t something we can continue to do. By reducing the use of such fuels, from gas to coal and more, we can help reduce the negative impact we’re having on this planet. While many may feel their actions of recycling and avoiding the use of fossil fuels would have a minimal impact, this belief is false. When everyone begins to make a change, the combined effort can be monumental.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

To really make a difference however, we must all first understand some of the contributing factors to our environment’s downfall and learn what we can do to make a positive change. One of the biggest factors to our polluted system as you may well be aware of, is the carbon footprint from our petrol and diesel run vehicles. Our roads are filled with these vehicles that produce huge amounts of pollution, from cars to electric motorbikes.

While some may find it easy enough to jump on a bicycle instead, not all of us have the luxury of such short commuting distances. This is why so many are now choosing electric bikes. The best way to get started when it comes to electric mopeds and motorbikes is to first understand how they can help preserve our environment.

Environmental Benefits Of Electric Bikes

1. Zero Emissions

Unlike regular petrol run bikes, electric motorbikes will produce zero emissions. E bikes run differently to other types of powered vehicle. As opposed to being run on petrol and diesel that emit a huge amount of carbon emissions, e-bikes are run on batteries, which do not. They are deemed zero emission vehicles and are considered to run on clean energy. By using an electric bike over a petrol run bike, statistics estimate you save around 500 pounds of carbon emissions being emitted into our environment.

2. Prevent Air Pollution

Pollution is another serious problem, particularly within our city centres. It can lead to breathing problems for many. The accumulation of polluting fumes from vehicles can create Smog, a type of pollution so bad that it’s actually visible. Using electric delivery scooters as your company transportation or electric motorbikes for your commute to work however would mean never contributing toward smog again. With more people choosing electric bikes, smog would begin to reduce, and ultimately disappear as everyone chooses a cleaner mode of transport.

3. Lasting Batteries 

Reducing waste is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Electric bikes, even our electric motorbikes that offer a much greater range and higher speeds produce very little in terms of waste. That’s not to say it doesn’t produce any waste whatsoever but its waste impact is greatly reduced when compared to cars and petrol run bikes. Batteries must of course be replaced eventually however the batteries used today are now long lasting batteries which means far fewer find themselves in landfill as they’re used for longer periods of time. You could also find yourself recycling and reusing these batteries too making their shelf life even longer than expected.

4. Off-Peak Charging

When it comes to charging your bikes, it’s worth remembering that while you will be using power from the power grid, there are certain times you can charge your bike in order to ensure it causes minimum strain. Many people still benefit from having on-peak and off-peak hours. Off-peak hours are very typically later in the day when demand for our electricity supply is much lower. By charging your bike during this time, you can use the excess power the electricity company has generated. Not only will you benefit from lowered rates but the environment around you benefits from our power grid avoiding added strain at much busier times.

5. Sustainable Energies

With the use of electric mopeds vehicles comes the possibility of utilising sustainable energy very near in the future. Think solar and wind power. This is an alternative to standard electricity that offers to help reduce your carbon footprint even more so. It’s an incredibly green choice and one that should be with us much sooner than we realise. Solar powered charging points may become more accessible and affordable for those wanting a greener lifestyle.

6. Save Your Roadways

Did you know that electric bikes tend to be lighter than regular bikes? Because they’re lighter, thanks to a lack of engine to carry, they tend to cause less damage to our roadways when compared to much heavier modes of transport like their petrol powered siblings for one. Electric bikes are far less impactful on our roadways, causing less need for repairs.

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