Electric Motorbikes – The Commuter’s Dream

Electric Motorbikes – The Commuter’s Dream

The dreaded commute; let’s face it, no one actually loves it. Whether you’re packed in like sardines on public transport or found yourself stop starting along the roads in your car, it’s never an enjoyable journey. Everyone and their aunt will be doing the same thing, no doubt giving you the knowing look as you meet eyes in the traffic jams or through the sweaty armpit of a total stranger on the train. 

 The Increase In Demand For Electric Motorbikes

With rail fares having recently seen an increase of 3.1%, (taking many travellers annual costs well into the thousands) and fuel cost increases feeling like a weekly occurrence, it’s no wonder commuters are at their wits end. While some decide to escape the rat race and instead work from home, this isn’t a possibility for everyone. This leaves those still working a fair distance from home in need of a solution.

Electric Motorbikes Are The Way Forward

When it comes to the daily commute, a great deal of people instead choose to use an electric motorbike. They cost less to run than a car, they certainly cost less than train fairs and they allow people to filter through the traffic.

This cuts down the journey time by an incredible amount and reduces those agonising hours spent sat in traffic every morning and every evening.

The fact remains however, that they still cost a substantial amount to run, from rising petrol costs, to regular maintenance, which will only negatively impact your daily running costs. They also require annual MOT’s when they pass the three year mark and of course there’s servicing, tax and the cost of those spare parts when things start to go wrong.

Commute Faster & Quicker

With this in mind, many are now instead turning to electric mopeds or electric motorbikes in order to ‘beat the commute’ and it’s working like a dream.

The electric bike, from electric delivery scooters to electric motorbikes that give a Ducati a run for its money, is fast becoming the commuter’s choice. With so many benefits to its name, it’s no wonder.

 First however, let’s take a look at the electric motorbike and just why the popularity of these amazing vehicles, is increasing by the day. 

Speed & Ability 

Style aside, electric motorbikes have advanced hugely in their ability.

The technology used now means electric bikes not only offer far more performance in terms of speed but their range too.

Some of the electric bikes available within our range can offer a running distance of up to 120 km or 75 miles.

This means that whether your commute takes you through the city streets or even the country lanes, you’re more than equipped to get yourself to work and back with power to spare.


Congestion Charge

Due to the complete lack of emissions produced by an electric moped, you escape all such charges. Day and night, you can drive in and out of the zones, even when they expand in April 2021 and you won’t be charged a single penny.

Our cities and extra urban areas are now doing all they can in order to prevent certain vehicles from entering. With an electric vehicle however, you never need worry thanks to their environmentally friendly nature. For those working within these zones, you’ll find your commute a great deal cheaper and far less hassle, as the worry of ensuring you pay your charge on time is gone.


The Commuters Dream In A Beautiful Outfit

In the past, the first electric bikes were far from aesthetically pleasing. They looked as you’d imagined, out of place on our roads. Since then however, advancements in not only the technology they offer but also the way in which they’re presented has produced some incredible bikes that we couldn’t be more proud to offer.

Whether you’re looking for an electric moped or an electric motorbike, we guarantee that you’d be surprised at just how modern and well designed they’ve become. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that you’ve probably seen more than you realise on the roads already without even realising.


The benefits of electric bikes are quite literally endless. Let’s break it down:

1. Cheap To Run

No petrol, no tax, no MOT to pay for. Just your insurance and the cost of the electricity to charge them. Running costs are minimal.

2. Affordable Initial Outlay

When compared to the costs of a car, the initial outlay is very small. Depending on the type of electric bike you choose, you could find yourself paying as little as just over £1000. There’s also some amazing lease deals to be had, which could see you escaping any kind of lump sum, simply paying a small monthly fee instead.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Zero emissions means virtually zero carbon footprint. They’re as clean as they can possibly be. 

4. Low Maintenance

With no engine to maintain, you can wave goodbye to oil changes, MOT’s and super in-depth servicing. They’re simple to keep ticking over and in next to new condition with just a little TLC.

Electric Bikes Are The Future Of Travel

Electric scooters and motorbikes are the obvious choice when it comes to choosing a commuting vehicle. They’re incredibly cheap to run, they’re hassle free due to their low maintenance qualities and they also escape the charges that the majority of other commuters face when working in the most central parts of the city. Electric motorbikes are the commuters dream choice.