Where can I charge my electric moped on the move?

Your electric moped can be charged at public plug sockets around the country, at home in a plug socket. Some of our supplier’s bikes also have removable batteries. For more information check the website provided.



Will my new electric moped need to be registered?

Your electric moped must be registered as a new vehicle with the DVLA, you will need to complete a V55/4 application form which is available at your local DVLA office.

Please check the DVLA website for further information


Does it cost to register my electric moped?

Yes, the DVLA currently charge £55.

Please check the DVLA website for further information


Is it illegal to ride my electric moped without registering it with the DVLA?

Yes it is against the law to ride your electric moped on the road without it being fully registered.

Please check the DVLA website for further information


Do I need to tax my electric moped?

Electric mopeds are exempt from road tax however you are still permitted to display a tax disc on your electric moped. These are free of charge and are available from the DVLA.

Please check the DVLA website for further information


Does my electric moped require an MOT?

Yes, but after 3 years, and then every year thereafter.


Does my electric moped require Insurance?

Your electric moped must be fully insured using a reputable insurance company like PlugInSure. Insurers will predominantly look at your electric moped as the same classification as a 50cc motorbike.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

You are legally responsible for wearing a motorbike helmet at all times when riding your electric moped.


Can I ride my electric moped without L-Plates?

If you hold a full driving licence and have done so since before February 2001 you are eligible to ride an electric moped without L plates and without taking any further tests. However, it is strongly recommended that you complete a one day CBT course (Compulsory Basic Training) prior to riding your new electric moped.


I have a provisional licence, can I ride a electric moped?

If you do not hold a full driving licence but hold a provisional motorcycle/moped driving licence then you are legally bound to undertake a one-day CBT course (Compulsory Basic Training). After successfully completing your CBT course you will be eligible to ride electric mopeds but you are legally bound to display L plates.

Please check the DVLA website for further information


How much is a CBT course?

CBT courses (Compulsory Basic Training) are usually one day courses and cost around £70. A CBT course is valid for 2 years. Motorcycle training centres can be found in the Yellow Pages.


Does my electric moped require any maintenance?

Your new electric moped has very few moving parts, therefore, there is virtually no maintenance required, however brakes, tyres, lights and other parts that involve wear and tear do need to be checked on a regular basis.


Is there a warranty with my electric moped?

This is dependant on the supplier you buy your electric moped from. If you would like to know more please contact us and we will find out for you. 


Where can I get parts from?

If for any reason your need spare parts please contact us. 


How much does my electric moped cost to run?

Your electric moped will typically cost on average 17p to fully charge.


What is the range of my electric moped per charge?

When fully charged and depending on weight and terrain along with the model of the electric moped, the max range will be between 30 and 62 miles.


Will I have to pay a congestion charge on my electric moped?

Currently not.


How much does it cost to deliver my electric moped to my delivery address?

All deliveries are currently free. 

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