Electric Delivery Scooters Serving You Piping Hot Food

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Electric Delivery Scooters Serving You Piping Hot Food

Whether you own a food restaurant in the middle of one of the UK’s bustling cities or the suburbs, it’s probably fair to say that your delivery services are being utilised like never before.

Just Eat & Deliveroo Electric Delivery Scooters

Whether you’ve decided to join the likes of Just Eat or Deliveroo, or simply offer the service to your clientele yourself, delivery of your food is a matter that needs managing all on its own. Food needs to be made to order and delivered with enough time to ensure it’s still piping hot and as fresh had they have been served right there in your restaurant. Not an easy task but with the right delivery vehicle on your side, it can be made a lot easier. 

 Electric Scooters For Travel

While some people do indeed use cars, more and more restaurants and food outlets are choosing delivery scooters as their method of transportation; more specifically they’re now choosing electric scooters as their delivery method of choice. Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, not only for their benefits in terms of cost but their benefits in terms of our own environment.

Electric Delivery Scooters Are The Future Of Food Delivery

Using a scooter to deliver your restaurants foods allows for not only a much faster delivery, allowing your drivers to filter through traffic and use bus lanes, but it also provides a much lower cost method of delivery too. Scooters in general are cheap to run, they’re much lower maintenance than a car and they have a much smaller initial outlay than cars. While petrol run scooters no doubt are a popular choice for food delivery services, electric mopeds are fast becoming the superior choice and for good reason.

Eco Friendly Traveling Methods

Electric scooters have become so popular of late that the likes of Deliveroo have begun running a campaign offering their drivers cheaper access to electric delivery scooters in a bid to encourage a mass move toward an all electric presence. Electric vehicles as a whole are becoming more popular in general however. Unlike electric cars, electric delivery bikes have a much more accessible price tag. At Eko Bikes specifically, they can even be leased for a small monthly fee that eliminates the need for a lump sum to be gathered when purchasing outright.

Reasons Why Electric Delivery Scooters Are Worth Investing In:

With so many similarities in design, people find themselves struggling to see the differences. Their differences however are great. Here are just a few of the reasons so many are now choosing electric delivery bikes from Eko Bikes for their food delivery services:


Great Leasing Options

We have some incredible leasing options allowing you to lease our bikes from as little as £80 per month.

This is a much more viable option for those wanting multiple bikes for their food delivery service without having to hand over a large lump sum in order to purchase multiple bikes out right.

Super Low Running Costs

The running costs for an electric delivery scooter are far lower than the running costs of a petrol run scooter. There’s no tax to pay, there are no MOT’s to pay for and of course, with advancements in technology allowing for a far superior range with each charge, the cost of a full charge is very little in comparison a to full tank of petrol in a regular scooter.


 Low Initial Payments

Thanks to a lack of tax and a lack of MOT’s, the initial payments for an electric delivery scooter are generally lower than that of a petrol run scooter. Should you choose to lease, you’ll also find yourself benefiting from being able to enjoy an electric scooter from as little as £80 per month.

Very Low Maintenance 

With a distinct lack of a motor, you can say goodbye to the usual maintenance you would expect with delivery scooters. There are far fewer parts to go wrong which means less time and money spent on repairing the usual damage you’d expect with a delivery scooter. No more oil changes, no more parts to purchase for a motor that simply doesn’t exist. As mentioned above, you can also wave goodbye to annual MOT’s and instead simply enjoy a basic service to ensure the bike is roadworthy.   

Benefit From The Green Factor

By using an electric bike, you not only benefit from the fact that you’re helping the environment around you, you also benefit financially with your company being seen as ‘green’. The ‘green factor’ as it’s sometimes referred to can benefit your ROI directly as more people choose to work with you thanks to your efforts in reducing your carbon footprint. Our surrounding environment and our need to prevent further damage is a hot topic at the moment. Jumping on board this high speed locomotive will only benefit your company as others begin choosing ‘green’ companies who are actively reducing their carbon footprint, over those who aren’t. 

Contact Eko Bikes For Quality Electric Delivery Scooters

If you’d like more information on our electric delivery scooters, the models we have available and the amazing leasing options from Eko Bikes, simply contact us today. The quality of the bikes available through us are second to none yet our prices are some of the most competitive out there. Our bikes are the perfect choice for every pizza delivery company, every fast food restaurant and every Deliveroo driver out there, from the branding opportunities on the cargo boxes to the low running costs, you won’t find a better deal.