Supplying The Best Electric Bikes In The UK

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The Best Electric Bikes In The UK

Here at Eko Bikes, we’ve worked tirelessly to not only source the best electric bikes for you, but the best range possible. We know everyone is different which means not only are their needs different but their taste and style are too. Whether you’re looking for something to help you on your daily commute or just a simple mode of transport to get you from A to B in your local village, we have the perfect option. Before we break down our amazing selection of bikes however, let’s first look at why so many are choosing to use electric bikes in the first place. Believe us when we say, the benefits really are endless.

 Running Costs

When it comes to the running costs of any of our electric mopeds or motorbikes, you’ll notice a considerable drop. Not only is your vehicle tax free but you’ll also notice a considerable drop in ‘fuel’ costs. While the cost of filling up a petrol run bike is nothing in comparison to a car, compared with the cost of electrically charging a bike, it’s still pretty steep. For quite literally pennies, you can enjoy a full charge that could offer you a range of up to 120km or 75 miles. When enjoyed over the course of a year, the savings could go into the thousands.

 Environmental Benefits

Electric motorbikes produce no emissions. Nothing. They have no petrol run motor, no exhaust pipe. The only impact they have on our environment is via the battery upon disposal. Careful disposal of the battery however, through the correct methods will ensure the carbon footprint over the entire lifetime of a bike is minimal at most. Compared with the fumes and carbon emissions produced on a daily basis by a petrol run bike and it’s a no brainer. This is why you’ll find yourself exempt from vehicle tax with a zero charge as well as things such as congestion charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges.

No More Noise Pollution

As anyone knows, bikes can be incredibly noisy. Whether you’re pushing a moped to the best of its ability along the motorway or simply turning your motorbike on in the morning, noise is a huge factor and for some, determines whether their neighbours say hello of a morning. Electric bikes however, wave goodbye to the loud billowing of an engine roar and in some cases, are almost silent. This means no longer disturbing your neighbours every morning on your way to work and better yet, it means a journey without the constant sound of your engine roaring. We guarantee you’ll be pleased to be free of the noise after your first journey.

Lower Maintenance

If you know someone with a bike, whether it’s a moped or a motorbike, we guarantee you will have at one point seen them tinkering with the motor or other parts. Petrol engine vehicles require maintenance. Whether it’s an oil change or something else entirely, maintenance is a common part of life for petrol run bikes. With electric bikes however, you can wave goodbye to the high maintenance lifestyle and say hello to a much simpler one. From electric delivery scooters to our larger motorbikes, you can ensure a low maintenance lifestyle thanks to no engine and very few small parts. No more oil changes, no more filter changes; just a simple bike for you to enjoy travelling on.

Why Use Eko Bikes?

One of the biggest reasons clients come to us here at Eko Bikes is simply for the fact that we offer not only quality, but great choice. Our bikes can be broken down into three categories:


Electric Mopeds

Our electric mopeds all jump up slightly in their range ability, all offering a minimum of 40-45 miles. They also offer much better speeds, all reaching 30 mph, making them ideal for those with slightly longer commutes; Perhaps those commuting from just outside the city centre. From the Model 30 Roma with amazing Italian styling to Model 30 City, these bikes are the perfect choice for those new to the bike world.

 Electric Bikes

Our electric bikes have a range of 20-45 miles depending on the model you choose. These are the lowest in terms of range and speed and make the ideal commuter bike in and around the city. Not only that, they are much better for the environment than regular petrol bikes. Here at Eko Bikes we have quite a few models available at an unbeatable price.


Electric Motorbikes

Our electric motorbikes offer the most power and the most range out of all of our bikes. From the Model 40 all the way through to the Model 75, these bikes are there to provide the ultimate mode of transport whether you live in the inner city or deep in the countryside. These bikes offer the power and range to take you anywhere. Our electric motorbikes also include an amazing electric delivery scooter with an ample sized cargo box on the back.


Take A Look At Our Electric Bikes

With so many to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect vehicle for you and your lifestyle. We offer the best electric bikes in the UK and what’s more, we do so in the most affordable fashion too. Not only can you benefit from incredible sale prices right now, but you could also enjoy these bikes without having to gather any kind of lump sum thanks to our incredible leasing options. We offer the greatest choice of anywhere in the UK, allowing you to compare all vehicles with just a few clicks to ensure you find the best bike for your journey. For more information, simply contact us today on 03333 444195.