Electric Mopeds Are The Future Of Travel

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Electric Mopeds Are The Future Of Travel

While jet packs may still be a long way off, the future of travel doesn’t look too far off thanks to the world of electricity. While many at the moment focus on the electric car and its continual improvements in not only ability and style, we can’t help but still see the future of travel being rather two-wheel focused.

The Increase Of Electric Cars

Electric cars are flooding our roads and with ever increasing congestion charge zones as well as the new introduction of the ultra low emission zone, driving a ‘green’ vehicle has never been more important and quite frankly, necessary. As far as cars go however, the initial outlay is usually more than most people earn in an entire year or multiple years for that matter.

This makes the possibility of owning electric cars more of an impossibility for most. What’s more, when it comes to city travel for most, the issue of parking will always rear its ugly head. It’s for these reasons, not exclusively we might add, that so many are now choosing the two wheeled version over and over again.

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Electric Bikes Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Electric bikes are becoming more popular than ever and for good reason too. As opposed to the huge price tags that electric cars are boasting, electric mopeds are being priced in a far more affordable fashion.

Take a look on any A road or Motorway and we guarantee you’ll see a handful of electric motorbikes without even realising. Why? Well, as well as advancements in the technology they offer, electric bikes have also come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to their design.

The vast majority of which travel our roads virtually undetectable next to their petrol engine run siblings. A great majority even boast an artificial noise system to ensure your bike sounds the part on the roads too.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Motorbikes?

With everything from electric delivery scooters to electric motorbikes doing their bit to blend in and become almost undetectable on the roads, the question really is why choose an electric bike over a petrol run one? After all, compared to cars and train travel for most, petrol run bikes are fairly affordable to run and easy to park. Surely there has to be some extra added benefits?

Here at Eko Bike, we chose to get behind the electric bike not just because of a passion for the electric bike itself and its abilities, but for the amazing benefits that come with choosing an electrically run vehicle such as these. In fact, we think once you’ve been made aware the benefits that come with our bikes, you’d struggle to pick anything else as your choice for travel. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that have seen even the most hardened bike fans convert to the electric side of life:

Cheap To Run

When we say an electric bike is cheap to run, we cannot emphasise this point enough. From the very second you purchase your electric motorbike, you’ll save on a myriad of costs that you’d find yourself forking out for with a petrol engine run vehicle. From tax to MOT’s (the electric bike has no engine and minimal parts therefore requiring no MOT’s in its lifetime).

You’ll also find yourself paying far less in terms of running costs with some bikes offering anywhere from 50 miles to 80 miles in range on one single charge. There’s also far less to pay for in terms of maintenance, as mentioned above, due to a lack of parts. You can say goodbye to oil changes, filters, engine maintenance and so much more.

Perfect For City Life

Electric bikes and electric mopeds  are ideal for city life. Even the smaller bikes with lower ranges and lower speeds, with the speed limits within inner cities never going above 30 mph (the vast majority being between 15 – 20 mph), an electric bike is the perfect city companion. You’ll also find yourself with a great selection of charge points as well as a total lack of congestion charges and ultra low emission zone charges too.

You can quite literally slip in and out of the city as and when you please for minimal cost. Let’s not forget the fact that parking a bike in the city is as easy as 1,2 and 3 and it’s a no-brainer.

Less Initial Outlay

If the above points hadn’t convinced you enough, then you might be further swayed with the fact that you can pick up an electric bike for as little as just over £1000 brand new. Compare this to the price of some petrol run bikes and then of course to electric cars which are known to cost in some cases 80 x’s that and the initial outlay is incredibly favourable.

Environmentally Friendly

Last but not least we have the rather attractive fact that electric bikes are super friendly for our environment. They produce zero carbon emissions and while they may contain a battery that requires specialist disposal, when compared to a petrol counterpart, their carbon footprint is minimal.

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Electric motorbikes really are paving the way for economical and environmentally friendly transport and in that respect is most certainly the future of travel. As their popularity grows, so too does the awareness of this incredible asset on our roads, so the question is really, why wouldn’t you want an electric motorbike? For more information, simply contact us today on 03333 444195.

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